Official Trailer #2- Mostly Safe For Work

Official Trailer #1

March 5, 2015-

IndieWire mentions Audience Choice for Best Feature Documentary at CineKink NYC 2015

The Verge on CineKink 2015, mentions Back Issues.

Huffington Post- 7 Questions form CineKink Founder Lisa Vandever


July 23, 2014-

Great conversation with Casey Ryan on Cutting Room Floor Podcast:

Some words from- Sound On Sight:

Mixed Review (I think?) from Tiny Mix Tapes:

Scathing Review from Non Fics:

July 19, 2014-

Filmleaf- a nice review despite calling Jimmy Flynt "Larry's son"- oy vey!

J.B. Spins- the illustrious J. B. Bendel writes: "Breezily distracting, but mostly rather shallow"

Unseen Films- calls it "an overlong puff piece"

Thy Criticman- highly favorable review 

USA Today- mention in the McPaper

Guys Gab After Dark gives us a 5/5 a nice little mention:


July 11, 2014-

Nice review on Deviant Robot...


July 2, 2014-

Big Announcement!!!

Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story 
comes out in the US on July 15- on these platforms:

Amazon Instant Video
Google Play

Spread the word far and wide!
That's less than two weeks.....

also: Australia DVD release through Accent in August!


July 1, 2014

Review by the brilliant writer Bob Rosen "Taking It Personally". Touched our hearts.... Enjoy--


June 6, 2014-

NSFW: Interview with Fleshbot by our friend- the brilliant Mike "McBeardo" McPadden!



June 5, 2014-

Lovely interview this morning with Sara Vizcarrondo for Enjoy!



June 4, 2014-

Write ups promoting Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story at SF Indiefest 6/8, 6/10, and 6/15:

SF Gate:

SF Weekly:

The Examiner

A Beast In a Jungle:

San Francisco Bay Guardian:,1



June 1, 2014-

Interview with Michael Lee Nirenberg on People of Shambala Podcast:

Hustler: Porn, Politics, and Progress?


Exclusive clips at Bizzare Magazine UK!


May 24, 2014-

iTunes UK release on May 26! ***Pre-order available.****


Excellent Review by David Flynt for Strange Things Are Happening:


Write up in Loaded Magazine:



May 21, 2014- 

Dangerous Minds Review

our favorite blog/ our favorite author Heather Drain.

We are psyched!


May 20, 2014-  

"9 out of 10" review from Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth:



   John Torrani and Flynn Hundhausen on ESPN Cleveland radio talking about "Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story".

John Torrani and Flynn Hundhausen on ESPN Cleveland radio talking about "Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story".

Outtakes from Al Goldstein's Last Interview.